About this blog

Early in my academic career, I taught using a very traditional strategy. The result was very knowledgeable students who struggled to use what they learned and lots of angry and mean comments from students about my personality. This set me on a journey to explore some of these strategies, techniques, and tools for teaching. My heart was in the right place but I didn’t have the teaching skills to cause students to learn.

One of the first books I read was The Seven Laws of the Learner by Bruce Wilkinson.  This is a thick book that is easily digestible – testament to the teaching mastery of the author.  As I continued exploring the developing of teaching skills, a whole new world opened up to me.  The challenge was “cause to learn”.  I began attending conferences and reading books veraciously.  I discovered that I could teach and I could cause students to learn.

This journey in teaching is a lifelong endeavor.  It is my hope that by sharing my experiences and opinions that you would be connected to resources on teaching, gain ideas and practical tools for teaching, and that your teaching development would be accelerated.

About blogger

Currently, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the Cedarville University – School of Pharmacy

Completed a teaching certificate program specific to the health sciences  www.accp.com

Team-Based Learning Collaborative Consultant  www.teambasedlearning.org

Teaching in higher education since 2000


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