Great Expectations

I read with interest a blog from Faculty Focus.  It focuses on creating and communicating course expectations to students.  In illustrating ways that we communicate expectations, it reports the perspective of students on two questions: Describe a great professor and Why was a professor their favorite.

This survey was conducted in order to give new faculty insight into student expectations for the classroom.  In reviewing the descriptions of a great professor, it is surprising that few relate to the personal character of the professor such as honesty, concerned, energetic, and enthusiastic.  Whereas, the remaining descriptors seem to suggest more behavioral characteristics towards the student such as available, relatable, engaging, entertaining, etc.   These were not ranked but honesty was at the top of the list.  Also, conspicuous are the traits that are not listed such as authoritative.

What traits have you observed in great teachers?

What traits do you hope your students see in you as a teacher?

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Link to Faculty Focus blog post:


“I am ashamed to say it,” I returned, “and yet it’s no worse to say it than to think it. You call me a lucky fellow. Of course, I am. I was a blacksmith’s boy but yesterday; I am—what shall I say I am—to-day?”

(Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Chapter 30)